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Our Team

Our staff, who are involved with daily activities of the children, have been organising such programmes with active outdoor events for the last 5 years.

Be it at school campus, at the sea or on the mountains, we have the experienced instructors to make sure that our children have the most fun and most fulfilling experiences in a summer camp.

All members of our team finished a university program and have been working with children for over 5 years and have relevant training and experience both in Cyprus and in Europe.

As an example, our Mountain Activities team has been working with various groups in mountain activities for over 5 years with further training and work experience in other European countries.

Our instructors, apart from being well qualified and well trained in sports and outdoors activities, are really fun people with interesting life experiences, thus becoming good and positive role models for our programme participants.

Our instructors motivate the children to make good decisions, to think wisely, to make a difference and to be a contributor.